Last week, 19th to 21 th of May, a bunch of new recordings took place at Tambourine Studios in Malmö, Sweden.

If everything else also seems that great there will be an album out for release 5 th of October and a single 1 st of September.

12 adaptions of the Swedish writer Stig Dagerman are on tape. Joar Sylvan did the recordings and Banana Boys are producing. Stay tuned!


The track “Annorlunditet” has got rotation on Sveriges Radio P4 Gävleborg (Swedish regional radio) since a couple of weeks ago. Meanwhile the studio work continues at NEVO Studios in Sundsvall, with mixing and mastering by Henrik Heinrich.


Saturday April 4th, 10.00 am is premiere date for “Monsieur Marcel”. The song has been in the live set since 2014 and originally recorded for the album “Alouette”, but set on hold for an official studio version until now!.
You can listen and/or watch the music video on the Mårten Lärka artist page on Facebook or You Tube channel.